Sarve Samaj Shakti Sangathan was started before few month back. Few friends met and decided to do something for the society, Motivate, Activate people who are lost trust in human being and help to the needy and poorest to poor person



People discuss lots of things when they get together at places like Marriage function ,Pan parlours , Village Outskirts or gate of society . They usually discuss about how to run the country ,wrong steps taken by the Ministers ,Role of opposition , corruption in education and price hike ………..always blame to other people but Never think about themselves what we are doing ……????????

However such discussion are useless as they do not good either to society or to the nation .Instead of wasting time in useless discussions, it is decided to form this group in order to benefit to society , to let people join the process of positive change and to make them feel confident about it.


The concept of Sarve Samaj Shakti Sangathan came about as a result of serving the poor patients In 2012, inspired by services rendered to these patients, Few Friends conceived the idea of extending help to better the poor patient’s lives with Sarve Samaj Shakti Sangathan.

Sarve Samaj Shakti Sangathan is not-for-profit organisation that aims to change the lives of the poorest to poor, & under privileged people with compassionate care to empower India. Sangathan plays an important role in bettering the lives of the underprivileged & help meet their basic needs. 4S needs highly motivated & qualified individual to engage with us to help poorest to poor people with their health, education & basic needs as well as their fundamental rights.


To undertake actions to facilitate needy people to have their fundamental rights and basic needs.