Sarve Samaj Shakti Sangathan ( 4S )

Sarve Samaj Shakti Sangathan is not-for-profit organisation that aims to change the lives of the poorest to poor, & under privileged people with compassionate care to empower India. Sangathan plays an important role in bettering the lives of the underprivileged & help meet their basic needs. 4S needs highly motivated & qualified individual to engage with us to help poorest to poor people with their health, education & basic needs as well as their fundamental rights.

Healthcare sector

In partnership with our volunteer organisation led by Sangathan Mantri, 4S has helped in excess of five thousand people till date by providing them with financial aid for medical treatment, thru various benevolent govt. of Gujarat Schemes specifically created for the economically weaker sections of our society. 
Till date the Sangathan has conducted more than 500 operations/procedure like CAG/Angioplasty/Bypass/Valvular surgery/Kidney Replacement/stone removable surgery/Appendectomy /Hernia; repair different obestract & gynec surgery… etc performed without any charge to these poor patients. With the help of various benevolent govt. of Gujarat Schemes

Every year in the medical camp organised by the Sangathan at Ambaji on occasion of Bhadarvi Pnoonam for all devotees of Mataji who are coming from different parts of the country. Sangathan volunteers examine and render all kind of first aid treatment, dressing & counselling for the prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases. Every year more than 3000 people are benefited with treatment & care at camp site.


Every year Sangathan distributes note books to the poor & needy students

4S also helps, bright & needy poor students to pay their college fees. Sangathan also teaches English and provides computer training free of cost at 4S office. In addition, 4S volunteer go to different schools to distribute compass box, food packages & give guidance & counselling for career prospects, fundamental rights & health care.

Saving the Bird Program

Sangathan volunteers work for the “Save Birds and Animals” program, 4S has done different programs to save birds. 4s distributes water container home to home which is used to provide water for thirsty birds in summer.

4s also run a camp during Uttarayan when innocent birds get caught in the kite string resulting in serious injuries to these birds. In this camp we collect the injured birds picked up by our volunteers to heal them & safely transfer to the bird’s hospital & to save their life. 4s also provide grass to cowshed in different area of the Gujarat.

We are looking forward to your support, manpower wise as well as financial help in this endeavor.